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Welcome to the guide that will help explain to you how to use the search engine, which applies features that are fully compatible to work with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.


The site is available in English and Hebrew interfaces. To change your interface language please click on the language button on the top of the page.


All the features on our site are available for registered users only. Non registered users are able to search and listen for music tracks only.




Table of Contents:


  1. 1. Registration
  2. 2. Music Search
  3. 3. Search using Free Text search
  4. 4. Search using Category search
  5. 5. Combined Search
  6. 6. Search Results
  7. 7. Listening To  Tracks
  8. 8. Downloading Tracks
  9. 9. Saving Selections
  10. 10. Sending Tracks
  11. 11. Adding to a Project
  12. 12. Managing Project
  13. 13. Music Catalog






In order to fully enjoy the benefits of our website, please follow the short and simple registration process. After completing the registration you will get user credentials, and the ability to change your password.


In order to start the registration process, please go to "Contact us" page and choose the "Register" option in the Subject drop down menu. Fill your details including e-mail address and details relating to your request under Comments and we will process your request ASAP, after which you will receive an automatic mail with your user credentials and link to change your password.



Music Search



The Search Engine performs a music search simultaneously in all of our music catalogs.

The accuracy of search results is directly dependent on the accuracy of the search arguments you use.

Our site suggests for you a number of ways to find your music.


Choosing the "Vocal" or "Instrumental" option will filter the search results accordingly. If you are not choosing any of these options, the search results will be a mixture of both.





Search Using Free Text



In the "Keywords" line you can enter a word or a number of words that represent your search needs.

For example, you can use any word that represents Music style, Genre, Mood, Instrument or Tempo. If you are looking for a specific track or music album, you can enter their name into the "Keywords" line. When you use a number of words, please use a space to separate between them.






Search by Category



There are built-in categories that will help you to find your music.

Categories and Sub-Categories are shown from left to right. You may choose more than one of each.

  • In order to add category item to your search please click on  near this category. This will add your choice to the "My selection" column at the far right of the Category search table.
  • Clicking the  next to the word will show you the list of available sub-categories. You can add them to your selections by clicking on the +.
  • If you decide to remove a selection from the list, please use  in the "My selections" column.







  The Search Page is the homepage of our website. The "Keywords" line is permanently displayed on all the website pages. If you need the "Category Search" table, simply click on the "Advanced Search" link to the right of the "Keywords" line.




Combined Search




If you desire further clarifications of your search, you can use both Category and Keyword searches together. The search engine will use both option if you enter your arguments in both.




Search Results



After performing a Search, the results will appear in a table.

In this table you will find all the relevant information about each track. This information includes the name of the track, duration, the album to which it belongs, and a detailed description of the track. You can find this information by clicking the "View" link under the "Description" column.

Using this table you can easily audition tracks, download them, send them to a recipient, or organize them by projects.








Listening to Tracks




Clicking on the   near the name of a track will open a new browser window with an audio player.

The player will play the chosen track and display its waveform. While the track is played immediately, the waveform may take several seconds to load, depending on the length of the track being played.







Clicking on the  of another track will stop playing the current track and start playing the new selection. You will notice inside the Waveframe, the track's peaks and lulls. You can move forward and backward in the present track by clicking anywhere inside the Waveframe. This allows you to audition its development, which helps greatly in your search!



Downloading Tracks



Our download mechanism will allow you to save the tracks you selected to your computer.

In order to download a track from the site, please select the track or tracks by checking 'v' the selection box to the left of the track name and choosing the "Download" option at the top of the Search Results table.

Now you will see a new window with your selections. In this window you can deselect tracks from the list before downloading. You also will be asked to decide which download format you need (MP3 or WAV)






We strongly recommend choosing MP3 high quality format. Currently we do not have all WAV files uploaded our web server.

By clicking on "Download" or "Download and Clear Selections" button, our download manager will be installed into your Internet Browser as a plug-in. If you see a message that asks you to install it, please allow this plug-in to be installed.

The installation will take a couple of seconds. You will then be asked for a location on your computer where you wish to download the selected tracks.







After you chose the download location, the download manager will start downloading your music choices. Files are downloaded one-by-one, so you need not wait for all to be downloaded, you can start working with the tracks which have completed downloading.

During the download process you can get back to the website by choosing this option in to the download window. 



Saving Selections



Sometimes search results will be spread on multiple pages.

After you choose tracks from different pages by checking 'V' in their selection checkbox, you will need to define whether or not you wish to save your selected choices.

Saving track selections from different search results pages will help you to perform actions such as  Download, Send or Add To Project.

The question about saving or not saving selections will appear only once, but will allow you to decide what behavior you prefer to use when again you visit our site.






In case you decide not to save your choices, but still want to save your selections in your next search, you can always use option "Save Selections" on the top of the Search results table.

When you perform an operation like Download, Send or Add to Project, a confirmation window will give you two choices to perform. By pressing "Download and clear selection" you will clear the list of selections you made for Download. If you press "Download" button, your selections will be saved and you will be able to perform another operation with the same list of tracks.



Sending Tracks



You can send selected tracks to a recipient by selecting the choices and clicking on "Send".

This will open a window with the list of the tracks. Please enter the recipient e-mail address into the relevant box and send these tracks by e-mail.






This mail will include the list of the tracks.







By clicking on one of them, the recipient will be redirected to our website page with the selections you sent him. Your recipient will be able to listen to them, and if he is a registered user, he also will be able to Download, Send or Add them to a Project.







Adding Tracks to a Project



This option allows you to organize tracks by projects.

There are two ways to create a project:

  1. 1. Selecting tracks and choosing the "Add to project" option from the top of the Search results table. Here you can add your selections to an existing project or create a new one.







  1. 2. By choosing the "My Projects" page from the main site menu at the top of the page.




Managing Projects







The Project list can be sorted by Date Created or by A-B-C.

Created projects are listed in a table that allows you to delete or edit a project.

With tracks added to a project, you can also perform actions like Listen, Download and Send.



Music Catalog



By choosing "Music Catalog" from the main site menu, you will be redirected to music catalogs represented by us.








Clicking on the logo of a library will show you its albums and clicking on an album's artwork will list all the tracks inside this album.

You are also able to perform actions like Listen, Download, Send or Add to Project from the Music Catalog.



We are constantly working on improving your browsing experience here at the Miles Of Music website. Our aim is to make your work here easier, your search results more accurate and your stay here more enjoyable.

We will be more than happy to receive your feedbacks and suggestions.

Please use "Contact Us" form to supply your input. Your input will certainly be read, and appreciated.

Thank you for visiting us at Miles Of Music, and make sure you stop by again real soon!